Why Micro$oft And Their Products Suck

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And if you still think that Micro$oft products are worth anything, read these horror stories.

Where Did You Want To Go Today, Anyway?

There are two main reasons for hating Micro$oft and their products: Technical ones and political ones. Even if the technical ones were removed (most of them never will), there remain enough reasons not to buy any Micro$oft product.


I have several years of experience with all major Windows versions. Here are my conclusions.

Here are some common problems of all Windows versions.

And the applications?

The main reason for these deficits is that Windows is broken as designed. This means Windows was a braindead design to begin with. Every aspect of Windows could have been done better. Nearly every feature in Windows was designed to be wrong. This can partly be explained by the burden of 16 bit software that had to be supported (who told them they had to?). But political decisions play a greater role.



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