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There are currently only a few big commercial games for Linux. Games like Myst, Tomb Raider or Command & Conquer are still missing. But with Linux' increasing popularity this could change quite rapidly. There are already Doom, Quake, Descent and Abuse, all of which were certainly a plus for Linux popularity.

But many simpler games are available as freeware. Many of them are very well done. The classics Tetris, Mine Sweeper, Solitaire, Pacman, and many more must be mentioned here. Many people think that the classics are the most entertaining in the long run, anyway.

There are also several very complex games available as freeware. These include the "big" fantasy role games like Moria, Angband, ADOM, and Omega, and also Crossfire, LinCity (a SimCity clone), and Empire.

Especially Angband and Moria are games that can make people with enough fancy (the screen display consists of ASCII characters :-) real addicts for months or even years.

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