Netchaos (snapshot 1999-03-31)
Netchaos (snapshot 2017-12-29)
This is a current snapshot of my fractal generator. You need g++ and LAM 6.1 or newer to compile it. In the subdirectory shm-mandel there is the last version without LAM. See also my Mandelbrot page.

In contrast to other programs Netchaos doesn't even make an attempt to be clever. Instead it uses "Brute Force" and parallel calculation on as many machines as possible.

NetChaos now contains the fastest known assembly routines for calculation of the fractals. The optimized routines are activated automatically for the following CPU series:

Code for other platforms is highly welcome. Compared with normal C code the speedup is more than factor 3.

The next thing to do is to get the shared memory code working again so that NetChaos can be used without LAM, too.

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Created by hjb
Updated 2017-12-29