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hjbmath (snapshot)

This is the current snapshot of my math software which runs here for years (cf. my Prime numbers page). It is still a little raw since I didn't consider to publish this software yet. The programs dump core on exit. While this is reletively harmless I haven't found the cause of this yet.

To build this, you need the math library FreeLIP. I use version 1.1 and don't currently know about other versions.

This software is Public Domain.

The build consists of two steps. First say make in the current directory. This builds a subdirectory for the host machine. The idea behind this is to have an optimized version for each specific host.

Then, goto the new subdirectory and say make there. This will compile the programs and create the file ../primediff.dat, which may take a while. It will also print an error message "InitBase failed: Bad file descriptor" and dump core. Simply ignore these errors ;-)

There is currently no documentation except the source :-(

To run a program, it's best to install it in its own working directory (at least if you want to run it in the background). The working directory must be writable and should contain the file primediff.dat (or a link to that file).

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Updated 2004-04-09