The linux kernel can activate the so-called BSD accounting. When this is active, every process the system starts is logged in a file, usually /var/account/pacct. Besides the name of the user owning the process, other data like the resource usage of the process, are logged.

The file /var/account/pacct must be truncated periodically, like other logfiles, too. Obviously the data can be analyzed before truncating and be provided in concentrated form. This can be done by the GNU Accounting Utilities. acctsum uses these to provide summaries of these data.

The program started its existence in 1996 and is in use since this time on most of my machines.

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The current README file
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acctsum can also analyze ISDN data. It uses the tools isdnlog and isdnrep for this.


Few people seem to use acctsum although the number of Linux users may have grown by a factor of ten in the last two years. If you use this software I'd like to hear your opinion about it.


Debian-Paket von acctsum 1.0
Erik Weber has created a Debian packet of acctsum 1.0. Thank you, Erik! I didn't have the time yet to update my own version accordingly.
acctsum 1.1 (preview)
This version removes several bugs (including security problems) and adds some nice new features. It needs some serious testing, so if you have the opportunity, please help me!
acctsum 1.0
This version has substantial improvements over 0.1. In particular it can create HTML output.
acctsum 0.1
A script to make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics of process accounting on Linux. Includes a similar script for ISDN on Linux.

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